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Advice on How to Interact with Police Under Permitless Carry Law

On November 1, 2019, Oklahoma’s permitless carry law took effect. The basics of the law making it legal for anyone 21 or over (or active or honorably discharged members of the military 18 or over) who isn’t otherwise prohibited from owning a firearm to carry a gun in public without a permit. The law makes no distinction between carrying a weapon concealed or in the open. It is completely up to the gun owner if he or she wishes to make it known that they are carrying a firearm or not. It is very important, however, that anyone who chooses… Read More

Is Stop And Frisk Legal?

The concept of “stop and frisk” is a hotly debated topic all across the United States. Law enforcement maintains that it is a necessary tool for preventing crime and protecting citizens. Many people, though, think the opposite, saying that it is an abuse of power and an invasion of privacy as well as an attack on personal freedom. No matter which side of the debate you find yourself on, the real question is whether or not it is legal for police to conduct a stop and frisk. It seems that with the unfortunately constant presence of violence throughout society, stop… Read More

When Can Police Search My Car?

Many people are easily confused about whether or not it is legal for a police officer to search their car when they are involved in a traffic stop. Being in a car on the side of the road presents special circumstances on both sides of the equation. There are certain rules that you must follow and certain rules that police offers must follow as well. In general, law enforcement can only search the inside of your vehicle under specific conditions. If an officer conducts a search of your car without first meeting the right conditions, that search would be ruled… Read More

What Is an Indictment?

Going through the proceedings in a criminal court case can be scary and intimidating. Aside from the obvious possibility of legal consequences at the end, the steps involved between an initial arrest and a final verdict are confusing for most people. It’s difficult to know where you stand and what might be coming next. A lot of the stress generated by these circumstances has to do with all the “legalese” that gets thrown around. There are plenty of legal terms most people hear quite often, but don’t really understand what they mean. There are words like hearing, arraignment, deposition, affidavit,… Read More

We are all granted freedom from “unreasonable searches and seizures” by the fourth amendment to the United States Constitution. The state of Oklahoma also guarantees its citizens the same rights through Section II-30 of its own constitution. These rights limit the power of police and other government law-enforcement officials when it comes to arresting someone, searching their person or property, and seizing any type of contraband or evidence. They help to ensure that the privacy of the residents of Oklahoma is respected. They protect us all from unlawful search and seizure. Can Law Enforcement Override Your Right to Privacy? There… Read More

When is Prostitution a Felony?

Prostitution is a crime in Oklahoma, as it is in most states in the country. In most cases, it is considered to be a misdemeanor crime. There are, however, certain circumstances when prostitution will be charged as a felony crime with possible penalties, including time in prison. Of course, before you can understand what makes the crime of prostitution a felony, you need to know exactly what is considered prostitution under the laws of Oklahoma. The relevant parts of the Oklahoma criminal code are section 21-1029 and 21-1030: Engaging In, Soliciting, or Procuring Prostitution. What Is Considered Prostitution in Oklahoma?… Read More

Oklahoma Criminal Process

The criminal process can often be confusing and feel overwhelming. Understanding the procedure will help alleviate some of the stress and help you or your loved one to not feel lost in the system. Oklahoma Criminal Investigation and Arrest There are two ways that a crime can be committed. It can either happen in the presence of a law enforcement officer or when there is no law enforcement officer present. When a crime is reported by a citizen, law enforcement will have to conduct an investigation to determine what, if anything, happened and if they can gather enough evidence to… Read More

When is Fleeing and Eluding a Felony?

Fleeing and eluding may sound like a complicated criminal charge, but this is just a fancy phrase for a car chase with the police. Although car chases can be fun Hollywood entertainment, being convicted of this crime is a serious matter that can result in steep fines and long jail sentences. Here is what you should know about felony fleeing and eluding. What is Fleeing and Eluding? Fleeing and eluding occurs when a driver does not pull over when a police officer flashes their lights and siren or engages in other maneuvers to avoid the officer. Other actions that can… Read More

Embezzlement in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, embezzlement is a specific type of theft. Falling into the broad categories of fraud and theft, embezzlement occurs when someone is entrusted with someone’s money or property and steals some or all of the money or property for personal gain. In other words, a person convicted of legal embezzlement has legal access to someone else’s property, but does not legally own the property. Embezzlement Examples There are a number of different careers where embezzlement may occur. Any professional who handles client funds, such as an accountant, CPA, or attorney, and utilizes funds legally belonging to their clients for… Read More

The Different Types of Drug Charges: What You Need to Know

There are many different types of drug crimes, some of which come with very serious repercussions. Unfortunately, drug crimes are a very common occurrence in the United States and many people find themselves faced with prosecution for a wide range of allegations. It is important to note that drugs are broken up and classified into different categories based on a handful of factors. In some serious cases, drug charges can make it all the way up to the federal level, whereas other crimes are less serious and prosecuted at the state level. Drug Charges Explained Every state in the U.S.… Read More