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Mistakes Fatal To A Personal Injury Claim

After an accident has occurred, the victims and the families of victims can be easily overwhelmed by the situation and get confused. They have to deal with suffering the physical pain of an injury as well as dealing with emotional trauma and the resulting financial burden from ensuing medical bills, lost wages, and in cases involving a fatality, the expense of a funeral. It is imperative to make sure all necessary steps are taken when filing a personal injury claim. Although this is a very important process, it is a terribly complex process especially for someone who has not dealt… Read More

Suing After Violent Assault

Being victimized changes your entire life, particularly when that victimization is through physical assault. There are many types of assault causing physical and emotional injuries, including violence using guns, knives, blunt objects, vehicles and physical aggression. The injuries you suffer may cause disfiguration, permanent trauma, irreversible injuries, life altering injuries or even fatality. Making the Decision to File a Civil Lawsuit You can file a lawsuit against your offender after violent assault. But it is important to realize that others may carry some of the responsibility in your assault, too. Whomever you pursue through a civil lawsuit, the case is… Read More

What If I Am Charged With Arizona Marijuana Possession?

Being charged with marijuana possession in Arizona is no joke. What sounds like a simple case actually involves potential for stiff penalties on this case and after subsequent nonviolent drug charges. This is why you need an aggressive and skilled Phoenix criminal attorney, when you face Arizona marijuana possession charges. Sentencing for Marijuana Possession or Use in Arizona Arizona’s Prop 200 prohibits judges from sending you to prison upon nonviolent marijuana possession or use conviction, even for felonies. That is, until your third conviction on these charges. But for first or second offenses, your sentencing can include probation and mandatory… Read More

Indecent Exposure In Arizona

Indecent exposure offenses vary in the state of Arizona, as far as charges and penalties. But both public lewdness and indecent exposure can lead to sex offender registration in the state. Such offenses can seriously damage your future. These types of charges often involve jail time, fines, sex offender registration and other consequences. What is indecent exposure in Arizona? Arizona’s definition of indecent exposure involves exposing your genitals, anus or female areola in the presence of another person with reckless disregard for that person being offended or alarmed. “Recklessness” and “reasonably offended” are the two parts of this statute that… Read More