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Experienced Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime can be scary, confusing, and frustrating. 

When you find yourself in deep sh*t, you’ll want someone who will have your back every step of the way. Someone who doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. Someone who will help you get your life back!

Imagine having a former prosecutor and experienced criminal trial attorney on your side. Imagine having a criminal defense team behind you who will ensure that you understand each step of the process and know all your options. Imagine having someone available to answer your questions as they arise throughout the process from start to finish.

It’s yours when you choose to work with Singleton Defense.

 You’ll get an aggressive team behind you. You’ll get a team who will listen and be attentive to your specific needs. You’ll get people who take action on your behalf.

We believe that your case is about YOU, and we’ll give you the straightforward legal advice you deserve. In the end, it’s about reclaiming your life, and we want to help you move forward with that.

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"Professional and willing to go above and beyond."

katie M.

"She is attentive, prepared, and punctual. My charges were dropped."

John V.
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