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Suing After Violent Assault

Being victimized changes your entire life, particularly when that victimization is through physical assault. There are many types of assault causing physical and emotional injuries, including violence using guns, knives, blunt objects, vehicles and physical aggression. The injuries you suffer may cause disfiguration, permanent trauma, irreversible injuries, life altering injuries or even fatality.

Making the Decision to File a Civil Lawsuit

You can file a criminal lawsuit against your offender after violent assault. It is important to realize that others may carry some of the responsibility in your assault, too. Whomever you pursue through a civil lawsuit, the case is not an issue of guilt or innocence and there is no penalty of prison as a result of your civil case.  Instead, suing gives you an opportunity to hold your violent offender and other parties financially responsible for your resulting injuries and damages.

When you successfully sue a violent offender, the defendant is found civilly liable for the damages you suffered. The court usually then requires that defendant to compensate you for these damages. This does not make your trauma go away, but it helps provide money you need for rebuilding your life. Penalizing others like property owners or businesses helps ensure no one else is victimized in the same ways on their property or because of their negligence.

Information to Provide to Your Violent Crime Assault Lawyer

When you first speak with an Oklahoma City criminal attorney about your desire to file a civil lawsuit, your potential lawyer will ask you several questions. He or she uses this information to determine the best course of action for your case. They also must decide if they are the right fit for your civil lawsuit, just as you need to decide the same for yourself.

For your consultation, be prepared to answer these types of questions:

  • What was the date of your violent assault?
  • Where did the assault happen?
  • Can you describe the crime scene or provide photos?
  • Were there any witnesses, and do you know their names, contact information and what they saw?
  • Do you have any physical evidence?
  • Did you file a police report? Also, who was the officer and do you have the complaint number?
  • Is there a criminal case?
  • Who is the case prosecutor and what stage is the case in now?
  • Who is your offender and what was your relationship with that person?
  • Do you know your perpetrator’s date of birth and social security number?
  • Where is the perpetrator employed?
  • Do you have any other information about your offender, such as their assets and insurances?
  • Do any third parties hold liability for the crime?
  • What damages have you suffered as a result of this crime?

Civil Lawsuits Work for Many Violent Assault Victims

Having an experienced lawyer willing to fight hard for your rights is important for your civil lawsuit. Your violent assault case attorney helps you gain the compensation you need for recovery from your damages. When you suffer violent assault, you need the right help in your corner. Contact me for a free consultation today.

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