Attorney Angela Singleton - Oklahoma City Criminal Defense

Angela Singleton, Esq.

Why Do I Practice Criminal Defense?

I have seen many people who are facing criminal charges being treated poorly. Whether it was a prosecutor that wanted to assert power without a thought to justice or by a defense attorney who didn’t have the time or the ability to make sure their client was treated fairly by the system. I started practicing criminal defense with the goal of providing people with an attorney who has both the ability and time to focus on their clients. Having legal issues can be frustrating and everyone deserves to have an attorney who will fight for them. I am that attorney because I believe everyone deserves to have an attorney who focuses on the needs of their client and who will fight for them in the courtroom.

What Makes Me Uniquely Qualified To Defend You?

  • Practice focused on criminal law
  • Former prosecutor
  • Extensive trial experience
  • Client focused approach

How You Will Be Treated?

As my client I will focus on your needs. I will make sure you understand each step of the process and know all of your options. I will be available to answer all of your questions and will never move forward on your case without your approval. I believe that your case is about you, and you make the final call. Because in the end it is your life and I want to help YOU move forward and get your life back!


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