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What Paperwork Do I Leave With When I Get Out Of Jail?

Once you are in jail, you will have to opportunity to make a short phone call. Use this to get in contact with someone you trust who can help you bond or hire a lawyer. Once you are released on a bond, you will receive paperwork that will tell you to when your next court date will be. However, you should always check with your attorney regarding court dates, because the paperwork can often be wrong and judges usually do not care if you were given an incorrect date.

Will I Be Able To Drive When I Get Out Of Jail?

If you refuse to take the State’s test or you test over the legal limit, the officer will confiscate your physical license, and you will only retain your right to drive for 30 days. But this is a critical time because you have only 15 days to request an administrative hearing regarding the suspension of your license. This is why it is so critical to get in contact with an attorney as soon after your arrest as possible.

Even though you still have a license for 30 days following your arrest, it may be difficult to drive. This is because your vehicle will most likely be impounded. It is possible for the officer to release the car to a sober passenger or even allow someone to come to a stop and pick up the car. But that is entirely within the discretion of the officer. It is important that you retrieve your vehicle from impound as soon as possible because impound bills can add up quickly and your focus needs to be on fighting your criminal and administrative case.

What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make After An Arrest That Can Hurt Their Case?

The most common mistake people make is waiting until right before their court date to get in contact with an attorney. Attorneys are very busy and want to give you the time and attention you need, but if you wait too long, it puts a lawyer at a disadvantage. Meet with an attorney as soon as you can while the incident is fresh in your mind and give yourself enough time to find the attorney that is right for you.

Another common mistake people make is not gathering their documentation. If you have a defense, then you need to get any proof you can. No one is going to take your word for anything in the criminal justice system, so make sure you keep all your records. And if you don’t know where to start an attorney can help you and even gain access to information that would be difficult or impossible for you to gain on your own.

Will I Typically Have A Court Appearance In The First Month After An Arrest?

The timing of your first court appearance will be very specific to which court you are in. Some courthouses are busier than others. But it is important to note that if you are being held in jail, they only have 24-48 hours to get you in front of a judge to set a bond for you. If you are out of custody, you will likely get an initial court date within the 1st 30 days.

How Often Should I Expect To Meet With My Attorney In The First 30 Days After An Arrest?

Typically, you will meet with your attorney 1-2 times within the first 30 days. A lot depends on your personal needs and if you prefer to meet or to discuss your case over, the phone, email or text. What is most important is not the number of times you meet, but having an attorney who explains everything that is happening and giving you real advice on how to handle your criminal case. You should never be in the dark regarding your case because your case is your life and you an attorney that understands that.

Will I Have To Meet With A Pre-Trial Probation Office Of Any Kind In The First 30 Days?

Different counties have different programs that you may qualify for. These programs allow you to be released without posting a cash bond, but they do require you to check in with a probation-like office. They often will require you to take drug tests, come to their office and call in. However, this may be a good option if it is available. First, it provides something tangible that you can use to your advantage later. Specifically, if you do well on a pre-trial release program, it gives your attorney leverage to argue for a better plea offer with a prosecutor or can be used in an argument to a judge regarding sentencing. Like it or not everything you do after you get arrested will be analyzed and either used in your favor or used against you. Making sure you have someone to help guide you through the system will help you put yourself out in the best light possible to a prosecutor, judge, or jury.

Will Voluntary Counseling Help Or Hurt My Case After An Arrest?

Starting counseling before your first court date can often help you. It shows that you are taking the charges seriously. It can provide invaluable leverage for an attorney who advocates on your behalf. However, counseling or any pre-court action may not always be the best option for you. You never want to do or say anything that indicates that you believe you are guilty. It is something you should discuss with your attorney.

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